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Singing is for everyone! Experience that energy yourself?

Private singing lessons. Location: Hofkwartier, The Hague.

When you sing in a choir or a band and you feel you have reached the limits of your voice, it is probably time to take singing lessons. During these lessons we will address breahting techniques, vocal training and repertoire. Finding your real voice is the starting point. You're most welcome to bring your own repertoire, but it is not necessary.

Breathing training. Location: Hofkwartier, The Hague.

People that speak a lot, like teachers and lecturers, sportstrainers, speakers and the like, could benefit a lot from breathing training. A hoarse, tired, voice is often resolved by a better breathing technique.

Tailor made workshops. Location: As required.

In addition to workshops for companies and organisations, one could also think of:

The repertoire is quite broad: ranging from South-African songs to, for example, a simple two-part song from Abba. You can choose for cappella, but piano accompaniment is also possible.

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