Adventures in Song

Annemarie Willems facilitates singing workshops/projects for organisations and company events.

A shared adventure

When a bunch of colleagues rehearse a song together, they share an adventure. Wholly unprepared. And often with no previous experience.

During a short warm-up, prticipants shake off the day’s work-related stress. After some breathing excercises everybody is centered and once the vocal chords have been hummingly loosened, the different voices start rehearsing their parts (e.g. a simple canon).

What transpires? Everyone can sing! 

Fair enough, some people need to lose some inhibitions, but singing clears the air… literally:

Exciting/relaxing intermezzo

Annemarie’s singing workshops could take the form of a an exciting or relaxing 1.5hr intermezzo during a company event like a seminar, workshop or training day. 

Another alternative is the so-called ‘ad-hoc choir’ where, in a few rehearsals with a number of employees, Annemarie works towards a breathtaking performance for colleagues.

And if the enthusiasm catches on, no problem… within a very short time Annemarie is able to get up to 600 people singing a canon together!

The options are endless…


Up for an adventure with a difference? Annemarie Willems is available to come by and discuss the possibilities for your event.

In addition to workshops for companies and organisations, one could also think of:

The repertoire is quite broad: ranging from South-African songs to, for example, a simple two-part song from Abba. You can choose for cappella, but piano accompaniment is also possible.

Do not hesitate to call for information or an appointment. The telephone number can be found on the Information & News page.

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